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Dandeli Nisarga provides tourist information in Dandeli along with places to stay and things to do in Dandeli. Go through our wide range of hotels, resorts, homestay packages in Dandeli and enjoy white water rafting, jungle safari and many adventure activities in Dandeli.

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Hornbill River Resort Dandeli located in the serene lush greenery of the unexplored jungles of Dandeli, the River kali flowing beside is one of the real beauty you would rarely find. You can really feel the difference when you are woken up with sweet rhymes of the birds singing fresh cool air which gets into your lungs for a pleasant day ahead.

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Bison River Resort in Dandeli is one of the most popular resort in Dandeli located on the scenic banks of the River Kali, a short drive from Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary. Bison River Resort offers tastefully decorated rooms each with a panoramic view of the fascinating River kali. Whitewater rafting, Rappelling, Rock climbing, River crossing, Paragliding, Kayaking etc. are the major attractions of this location.

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Enjoy adventure activities in Dandeli. White Water Rafting, Jungle Jeep Safari, Kayaking, Rappelling in Dandeli, Coracle Ride, Mountain Biking, Night Camping, River Crossing, Jacuzzi Bath, Jungle Trekking, Bird Watching, Sight Seeing, Tribal Dance are major attractions of Dandeli.

Dandeli is ideal place for nature lovers and adventure activities. Good number of resorts, hotels and homestay available in Dandeli. Hornbill River Resort, Bison River Resort, Nature Nest Homestay and Stanley Farm House are most popular resorts in Dandeli.

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