Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises - Development Institute, Hubli is a subordinate office attached to Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, Govt. of India.

MSME-DI, Hubli is headed by The Director, Shri. M.P.Barapatre, and situated in Industrial Estate, Gokul Road, ( Airport Road), Hubli – 580 030.  MSME-DI, Hubli, extends its services to the entire North Karnataka Region, comprising 12 Districts viz.,
























Uttar Kannada

MSME-DI Hubli, has its Branch Office at C-1, Industrial Estate, M.S.K. Mill Road, Gulbarga – 585 102, headed by an Assistant Director.

MSME-DI provides following services
  1. Provide suggestions and information to the Govt. for formulating the policy for the promotion & development of Small Scale Industries.

  2. Provides techno-economic and managerial consultancy, general facilities and extension services to small scale industries.

  3. Develops human resources through trainings and skill development.

  4. Provides Economic Investigation & Statistical services.

  5. Maintains close liaison and coordination with the Central Ministries, Planning Commission, State Governments, Financial Institutions and other agencies concerned with the development of small scale industries.

  6. Formulate policies & programmes for the development of Ancillary industries and its implementation

All over the country, total 30 MSME-DIs and 28 Branch MSME-DIs are established in different states. In Uttar Pradesh, there are 3 SISls at Kanpur, Agra and Allahabad and one Branch MSME-DI at Varanasi. These institutes are providing comprehensive range of facilities and services to small scale industries. The major functions are follow


(I) Technical Services:

  1. Provide technical consultancy to existing and prospective entrepreneurs for selection of technology, machinery, raw materials etc. and its sources for procurement.
  2. Preparation of Project Profiles on potential products and other technical literature like Technology Transfer Document and Special Study Reports on various technical subjects.
  3. Preparation of detailed Feasibility Reports and Project Reports on request.
  4. Guidance on testing of raw materials, semi finished and finished products.
  5. Consultancy on improvement, development and diversification of products.
  6. Preparation of drawings, designs and blue prints on request.
  7. Guidance for Quality Control and ISO System.
  8. Technical services to various agencies like (i) State Govt. Industries Department for capacity of units (ii) Banks & Financial Institutions for techno-economic evaluation of proposal.

(II)    Modernization:

  1. Preparation of Modernisation Guides, Status Reports on particular Industry & Cluster Group Study of small scale units.
  2. Consultancy on improvement of technology, productivity, designs etc.

(III) Awarenees Programme IWorkshops I Seminars etc.:

  1. Energy Conservation
  2. Waste Minimisation & Cleaner Production
  3. W.T.O Concepet & Anti Dumping
  4. Intellectual Property Rights
  5. Packaging for Export (Training Programme) & Bar Code Technology
  6. ISO-9000 (Certification, Internal Audit, External Audit etc.)
  7. Policy Programme formulation by MSME Board.
  8. Bio – Technology.

(IV) Training Programmes:

   Entrepreneurial Development Programmes:
Conduct Product & Process Oriented Entrepreneurship Development Programmes for different target groups such as Educated Unemployed youths, General & technical Graduates, Women, Ex-Servicemen etc. A wide range of such training programmes are being conducted an highly potential subiens like

  1. Beautician Course for Women                                               -           (5 weeks)
  2. Fashion Technology for Women                                            -           (4 months)
  3. Plastic Processing Technology & Plastic Products                 -           (6 weeks)
  4. Food Products & Food Processing Technology                       -           (4 weeks)
  5. Refrigeration & Air Conditioning                                             -           (4 weeks)
  6. Chemical & Cosmetic Products                                             -           (4 weeks)
  7. Repairing & Maintenance of Electrical Appliances.                  -           (4 weeks)
  8. Leather Garments                                                                -           (4 weeks)
  9. Leather footwear & Leather Goods                                         -           (4 weeks)

(B)  Management Development Programmes:

Conducts Management Development Programmes on general as well as on sepecialized subject i.e.

  1. Industrial Management
  2. Business Management
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Financial Management
  5. Production Management & Human Resource Development
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Working Capital Management
  8. Quality Management
  9. Export Marketing

(C) Industrial Motivational Campaign:
Organise Industrial Motivational Campaigns of 2 3 days duration for motivation and on the spot guidance to entrepreneurs with special emphasis on backward areas.

(D)  Skill Development Programmes:
Conduct Skill Development programmes in the workshop of SISls to upgrade the skill of workers working in small scale sector. The subjects are Machine Shop, specializing the trainees in the machines viz., Lathe, Drilling, Shaping, Grinding & Milling operations.


(V)  Ancillary Development:

  1. Identification of anclullary opportunities of new ventures of existing medium & large undertakings.
  2. conducting Buyer Seller Meets [Vendor Development Programmes), Seminars & Exhibition for Ancillary Development.
  3. Operating Sub-Contract Exchange for enlistment of units having additional production capacity and for facilitating effective tie-ups between these units and prospective buyer units.
(VI) Marketing & Export promotion
  1. Assisted in marketing the products to Govt. departments through NSIC. MSME-DI evaluates the technical competency and assess the capacity of the unit through their technical officers.
  2. Organise training programmes on Export Procedures/ Documentation/ Export marketing / Export packaging.
  3. Selection of export-worthy units for participation in International Trade Fairs and exhibits their products in these Trade Fairs. The trade quarries received afterwards are widely circulated.
  4. Sponsoring of Small Scale Industries for various Export Awards.
(VII) Economic Investigation & Statistical Services
  1. Assistance in selection of products:
  2. Preparation of Area survey Reports indicating Industrial Potential in particular area.
  3. Preparation of Industry Prospect sheets, Market survey Reports.
  4. Census of Small Scale Industries.
  5. Preparation of Production Index, Growth Pattern through the Data Collection from the MSME units.

(VIII) Revival of Sick Industries

Provide assistance to sick industrial units in the form of preparation of rehabilitation package.


(IX) Incentives for ISO Certification (ISO 9000)

Reimbursement up to Rs. 75,000/- for the small scale units who are achieving ISO-9000 Certificate.

X) Credit Linked Capital Subsidy Scheme
For technology upgradation in the field of specific products it provides 12% capital subsidy to SSls for adopting recommended technology under this scheme.
(XI) Incentives for BAR CODING
Reimbursement upto 75% of the registration fee limited to Rs. 15,000/- for MSME and tiny scale industries.
(XII) Common Facility in Workshop & Laboratory
42 SISls/Branch SISls have general facility Workshops/ Laboratories. It provides common facility services to existing entrepreneurs at nominal charges.
(XIII) Technology Resource Center

To provide the information of latest technology available around the world, 21 SISls are converted into Technology Resource Centers. These Centers will perform following functions

  1. TRC will assist those small scale units, which want to upgrade & modernize their technology. The institute & Departments, which are developing new technology, can also come on this forum.
  2. It will provide information regarding Cluster group of Industries including details of technologies, list of suppliers of machines and raw materials, Quality status and availability of consultants etc.
  3. TRC have developed Computerized Set-up, which has Net-working facilities with the apex Organisation of technology Upgradation.
  4. It will have collection of technical books, lists, brochures etc., which will be available in the Library of the Institute.
  5. It will provide latest and appropriate technology to small scale industrial units to achieve global status etc.

To perform all these functions, SISls have well equipped facilities and experts of various fields. The Director is assisted by a team of officers Dy. Directors, Asstt. Directors, Investigators and other technical staff each of whom is expert in his respective discipline. The different disciplines & facilities are as follow

  1. Technical Disciplines
    1. Chemical
    2. Mechanical
    3.  Electrical
    4. Glass & Ceramics
    5. Leather & Footwear
  2. Economic / Statistical Investigation
  3. Workshop (Common Facility Services)
  4. SENET
  5.  TRC
  6.  Library